Cave Mining

20 years of experience in sublevel, block and panel caving mines from concept to feasibility and operations. Specialized in undercut and extraction-level design analysis, draw scheduling, forecasting of caveability, fragmentation, recovery, infrastructure stability and surface subsidence and the assessment of hazards related to induced seismicity and mud rushes. Caving consulting clients include New Afton and Renard (Canada), Henderson and Resolution (United States), El Teniente and Chuquicamata (Chile), Palabora and Cullinan (South Africa), Northparkes and Ernest Henry (Australia), Oyu Tolgoi (Mongolia) and Kiruna and Malmberget (Sweden). Involved in the industry-funded International Caving Study and Mass Mining Technology research consortia for over 15 years, both as a researcher and project manager.

Underground Mining

Experience with open stoping, cut-and-fill, room-and-pillar and longwalling operations includes sequencing and dimensioning of excavations and pillars, stability and design analysis for shafts, access, and backfill, and the assessment of hazards related to induced seismicity, subsidence and liquefaction. Consulting clients include Jansen, Kidd Creek, Westwood and Bousquet (Canada), Galena, Solvay, General Chemical and Twin Metals (United States) and Osborne Mine (Australia).

Surface Mining

20 years of experience in open pit mining, specializing in rock mass characterization, inter-ramp and overall slope stability analysis, interaction with underground mining (including caving-induced instability) and sequencing. Open pit consulting clients include Victor (Canada), and Bingham, Cresson and McCook (United States). Dr. Pierce also managed the development and implementation of state-of-the-art Synthetic Rock Mass (SRM) models for the study of movement in the west wall at Chuquicamata Mine.

Artificial Ground Freezing

Experience in the study of frozen ground performance for civil and mining engineering applications including the analysis of freeze wall closure time (considering fluid flow and thermal) as well as excavation-induced deformation (considering thermal, mechanical and creep) for both civil and mining applications. Third party review of design for a shaft being excavated and lined in frozen ground at depth (down to 700m), including analysis of residual heave pressures, creep deformations and liner pressures.